Libertyville Wildcat Youth Sports (LWYS) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs LWYS serves Libertyville and its surrounding communities.

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We are an organization of volunteers and have recently restructured our entire program. We rely on our families to help run our programs smoothly. We are making a lot of changes, all of which we hope will enhance and improve the operation of the program. We have set the maximum amount of volunteer time to 8 hours for families with 2 or more kids in the program. We will have hours available during practices on week nights in addition to the normal Saturday game time slots. Please review the FAQ below, as there have been some changes in volunteer requirements. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FAQ!!! You may contact us at with any questions or concerns regarding volunteer opportunities.  All football and cheer families need to volunteer 4 hours per child with the maximum of 8 hours.


Q. I am the Head Coach for my son’s team. Do I have to sign up for an additional 4 hours shift?
A. No. Each team is allowed one Head Coach, two Assistant Coach, and two Team Parent exemptions. All Coaches receives an exemption for all children in the program. The Team Parents are exempt just for the one child whose team they represent. The head coach will notify LBC as to who the five exemptions will go to. If you are not sure if you are exempt, may we suggest you sign up to volunteer, and then be in contact with LBC. You can always cancel your volunteer shift once you have been assured that you are exempt.

Q. I want to help out at one of the equipment nights. Does that count for volunteer hours?
A. Yes. Please choose the equipment night opportunities on the registration page. One of the nights will be assigned to you.  These sessions are four hours.

Q. I really don’t have the time to volunteer. What are my options?
A. Is there a high school student who could do your hours for you?  As long as they are not signed up to be a Grill Volunteer, siblings or friends age 16 or older can fulfill the volunteer requirement. Grill volunteers MUST BE 18 OR OLDER! Another option is to pay the  buy out fee if you are unable to volunteer. Please contact us to buy out of your volunteer hours:

Q. Even though I received the email reminder from LBC, I forgot to show up for my volunteer shift. What happens next?
A. As long as it is a one time occurance, you may sign up for another time.  If it happens a second time, you must pay the buy out fee. Your child will not be able to participate in games until the penalty is taken care of.

Q. I have two boys who play football and a daughter who cheers. How many volunteer shifts do I need to sign up for?
A. A maximum of eight hours, or two shifts, is required. Please contact us at
with specific concerns.

Q. My son receives a scholarship from LBC. What are my requirements for volunteering?
A. Each child who receives a scholarship needs to have eight hours of volunteer time. Therefore, if you have two children in the program who receive a scholarship, you will need to do 16 hours of volunteer time; three children in the program with a scholarship requires 24 hours of volunteer time.

Q. My son plays flag football. Is there a volunteer requirement for flag football parents?
A. Yes, you are required to volunteer 4 hours per flag participant.  If you do not meet your volunteer commitment you will be assessed the buy out fee for Flag Football!

Q. I do not have a son in the program, only a daughter who cheers. Do I have to do volunteer hours?
A. Yes. All participants who are involved in  games that have the opportunity to visit the concession stand are required to fulfill 4 hours of volunteer time per child in the program (with the exception of scholarship and flag participants as previously mentioned.)

Q. How do I choose my volunteer shift? 

A. You will be assigned a volunteer shift according to the preference you selected at registration.  If the shift you are assigned presents a conflict for you, please contact us at to remedy the situation.  All efforts will be made to honor your request, and we will attempt to schedule your shift so that it is not during your child(ren)’s games.