Libertyville Wildcat Youth Sports (LWYS) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs LWYS serves Libertyville and its surrounding communities.

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LWYS believes equipment is the most important area in the program, nothing is more important than your child’s safety.

Our hope is to communicate with you important dates and information, answer your questions or concerns and work together to keep our kids as safe as possible.

Any questions, concerns, ideas or to let us know you would like to volunteer contact:
Director of Equipment - Tim Farmer


Equipment handouts will occur during the first evaluation session during the week of July 25th. Please check out the home page for more detail on evaluations.  


Equipment Can Be Adjusted and/or Swapped Out
at Anytime if Necessary


Equipment requirements for LWYS

  • Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Football Pants with pads, and Team Jersey included with your registration.
  • Parents will supply shoes, mouth guards, and black chin strap.
    • Black padded chin straps are available at wholesale pricing through LWYS.
    • Mouth guards are available for purchase through the LWYS.

LWYS Helmet Policy

To see the entire policy, open up this document.  Please read and complete the form and then return it to LWYS or if you're interested in filling out the form and paying online, clink on this link.

Also, if you have an old helmet that you wish to donate, you can donate it for a deduction on your taxes.

We will be switching to Matte Black colored helmets.  We realize that many parents have purchased their own white helmets.  LWYS is working with a company that will recondition, paint and re-certify all of our LWYS helmets as well as any helmets owned by parents at the same cost LWYS pays.  With the emphasis on safety, most helmet manufacturers recommend this be done every year or two.  Since we have a large number of helmets to paint and re-furbish, LWYS and our families will receive a substantial savings in reworking these helmets.  Please email us with the attached form at if you would like your helmet painted and re-certified.  The cost of this process is below.
Additionally, our new helmet policy will give families a choice on purchasing or using an LWYS helmet.  Here are the options that our families will have:
  1. Purchase a helmet through LWYS with the proper finish and facemask at the LWYS bulk price (photo and pricing below).
  1. Purchase your own helmet and preferred brand based on LWYS Helmet Specifications.
    1. Matte Black
    2. Black Face Mask
    3. Black Chin Strap
  1. Use your own helmet and have it reconditioned, painted and recertified through our group offering or on your own.  If you do this on your own, we require it to be done by a professional organization specializing in helmet reconditioning. 
  • LWYS Cost of Reconditioning (includes: reconditioning/ recertification, paint and matte finish, new facemask, shipping)
  1. Air Helmet (Riddell Speed) = $57 (plus any parts/ repairs)
  2. Padded Helmet = $55 (plus any parts or repairs).  Helmet recertification is based on approval of certification agency.  There is a chance based on condition and age of said helmet that they agency will decline recertification. 
  1. Use helmet provided thru LWYS (new or reconditioned). 
Our goal is to have all players in the newest, safest and most up-to-date equipment, while using our bulk buying power to generate a cost savings for our families.  We believe this new policy will allow us to purchase new equipment and offer our families a substantial cost savings if they choose to purchase their own helmet.


*Any non league purchased helmet, shoulder pads, pants or pads must be reviewed and approved by the equipment manager with a written disclaimer and release signed by the parents prior to be worn in a practice or game.

Information on helmet re-certification process Explanation of Helmet and Shoulder Pad Fitting “Put Pride Aside for Player Safety”