Libertyville Wildcat Youth Sports (LWYS) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs LWYS serves Libertyville and its surrounding communities.

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Libertyville Wildcats Youth Sports (LWYS) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs.




LWYS, formerly Libertyville Boys Club, has been serving Libertyville and its surrounding communities for over 80 years by making football and cheerleading programs available to boys and girls between the ages of six and fourteen. Over 16,000 area youth have participated in LWYS-sponsored youth sports activities since its inception in 1933. Currently, the LWYS Football & Cheerleading Program is comprised of over 10 flag football teams, 13 travel teams and 2 cheerleading squads that serve over 500 boys and girls.

Our philosophy is simple: teach the fundamentals of the game of football and promote a sense of sportsmanship and fair play in an environment that stresses fun for all participants. The LWYS strives to provide a positive athletic experience and to nurture and support each child in his/her individual development.

All participants in the LWYS Football program have the right to and should expect to:

  1. Be a valued member of a team.
  2. Try out for any position and earn that position through the effort and skill demonstrated at practice and during game conditions.
  3. Participate in all games at a position assigned by the coaching staff, and in accordance with Rules and By-Laws of LWYS and The Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL).
  4. Receive quality equipment and instruction.
  5. Be treated fairly by coaches, players, parents, TCYFL officials and representatives both on and off the field. In turn, players must extend the same courtesy to these individuals.
  6. Address any representative of LWYS or the TCYFL concerning positions, playing time, practices, league play, rules, administration or any other pertinent topic. The head coach has the final decision as to positions, playing time, and other team-related issues within the framework, rules, and guidelines of the LWYS and the TCYFL.


The value of the LWYS experience is reinforced each time a former player or cheerleader reminds us of how the LWYS experience positively impacted their life.


The Board of Directors of Libertyville Wildcat Youth Sports would like to thank all of the tireless volunteers who are the backbone of LWYS and without whom LWYS could not sustain programs year after year. It is their dedication and spirit that makes us confident that LWYS will be providing quality sports experiences for the youth of our community for the next 80 years.