Libertyville Wildcat Youth Sports (LWYS) is an Illinois not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers that administer youth football and cheerleading programs LWYS serves Libertyville and its surrounding communities.

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"With cutting edge services, testing and proper rehabilitative therapies, we can reasonably eliminate any long term damage from concussions."  Dr. Ryan Glynn


LWYS strives to make the best information and resources available for the safety of our athletes. We take concussions very seriously and are proud of our relationship with Dr. Ryan Glynn, D.C. who has a focus in functional neurologic rehabilitation. The more we learn as an organization and as parents the more prepared we are to respond appropriately when injuries happen. Success happens when we do the following:
1. Properly evaluate the athlete prior to an injury (a baseline)
2. Reevaluate when an injury happens
3. Implement therapies
4. Return to play when no evidence of injury remains


LWYS requires baseline testing for all athletes 12 and older

Baseline testing is available for all athletes 8 and older

Testing is done on your phone or tablet in the comfort of your home

Test as often as you'd like

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EQ Brain Performance Platform

A proprietary brain performance and mental wellness assessment tool.

FDA Cleared (US) | CE Marking (Europe) | Medical Device Status (Canada & Oceania)

What it Assesses

Configurable to meet your needs.


BALANCE FUNCTION (Brain Performance)

The EQ balance test evaluates the inner ear (vestibular) and hip-knee-ankle (proprioceptive) systems, as well as the circuits connecting these areas.

Tire Toss – Assesses balance


VISUAL FUNCTION (Brain Performance)

The EQ visual function test evaluates large aspects of the geography of the brain. In fact, these systems are represented by >50% of the brains pathways.

Dance Off – Assesses visual function


COGNITION FUNCTION (Brain Performance)

The EQ cognitive function tests evaluate several elements of executive function, letter and number recognition, mental flexibility and reaction time.

Pylon Pivot – Assesses executive function
Recipe Recall – Assesses verbal memory
Jersey Reversey – Assesses working memory and attention
Fastball – Assesses reaction


RESILIENCE (Mental Wellness)

EQ Resilience is a 90-second mental wellness test that assesses mental wellbeing by measuring the balance between stress and recovery.

EQ Resilience Test – Assesses balance between stress and recovery


For individuals:

The EQ Brain Performance App can be used by individuals to track their brain performance and mental wellness, and get suggestions for care if a problem is detected.